At Thurmond-McGlothlin we proudly partner with AS-Schneider for Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds.  In business for 140 years, AS-Schneider is one of the world leading manufacturers of Instrumentation Valves, Manifolds and Accessories. AS-Schneider is based in Germany with subsidiaries in Romania, Singapore, Dubai and Houston.

“SDMS” Schneider DirectMount Systems, from AS-Schneider America Inc.(USA) are designed to meet field personnel requests and the “Recommended Best Practices” of the American Gas Association (AGA) Gas Processors Association (GPA) and American Petroleum Institute (API) for Natural Gas Manifolds.

Features include:
No Finger Pinching or Knuckle Busting, Easy Turn Valve Stem Design, Ergonomic Handle Design, Number of Valve Turns to Full Open/Close, Block/Isolation Valves 6-1/2 protecting your electronics from pressure spikes, Equalizers and Vent Valves 2-1/2 turns, Stabilized Connectors with Integral Block/Isolation Valves, Ship fully Assembly and Tested from Factory - No Field Assembly Required, Bug Screen/Plug installed in Vent Port as Standard, Internal flow paths machined to self-drain condensates and liquid accumulation with Vent Valve in Open Position - Reduces Freezing Issues


For more information on AS-Schneider Instrumentation Valves and Manifolds, you can check out their website at AS-Schneider or contact a member of our Sales Staff.

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